New Offer for Beeswax Customers

First 10 Beeswax customers will receive a $10,000 credit in the Phunware data exchange to activate audiences on the Beeswax platform through the end of 2019.

Our blockchain-enabled data exchange is the first to provide not only brands but also consumers an open and fair value exchange. Brands get access to high quality audiences while consumers get compensated with PhunCoin, a digital asset, for use of their data. 

Phunware and Beeswax Integration

  • Design custom, unique audiences using our data exchange and seamlessly deliver audiences to your Beeswax seat for activation in a targeted media campaign 
  • For customer campaigns activated with Phunware data, Beeswax will provide daily impression logs to enable Phunware to reward consumers
  • The data exchange provides transparency on the impressions served, unique mobile devices reached and amount of PhunCoin accrued by day 

Why use the Phunware Data Exchange?

  • Gain access to predefined segments (demographic, interest, purchase intent) and custom location-based segments that are not typically found in DSPs
  • Receive end-to-end transparency on the audience you design and day-by-day reporting on the use of the audience
  • Participate in a value exchange that rewards the use of consumer data and disrupt the business model of today’s data oligarchs that exploit consumers 

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